Strata Manager Training – The Tricky Stuff

April 3, 2019

Archers the Strata Professionals were recently invited to provide Professional Development Training to Strata Managers at the latest Strata Industry Annual Conference hosted by Strata Community Association (QLD) (SCA).

This year’s presentation covered “The Tricky Stuff” and delved into statutory requirements to call for Committee Nomination and Owner Motions leading up to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). We then worked through the many tricky areas along the way finishing off with how to produce compliant minutes for not so common occurrence such as amending and ruling motions out of order.

Part 1: Calling for Nominations and Owner Motions included the basics of compliant notices, which if you get wrong, will have a flow on effect potentially invalidating the entire AGM. This area also covered suggestions on how to respond when nominations and motions are submitted invalid by owners, which starts with providing adequate instructions within the invitation notice issued by the Body Corporate.

We then moved in to Part 2: Committee Elections and Secret Ballots, highlighting the varying circumstances and differences for when a Returning Officer is required including options to appoint for contentions decisions when not legally required and how best to prepare leading up to the AGM.

Parts 3 and 4 explored Amending and Ruling AGM Motions Out of Order which is not as common however; the importance of adequate preparation and knowledge of how to properly advise the Body Corporate was focused upon. The section included recording compliant minutes which can greatly assist with the avoidance of disputes. Open communication and providing clear and correct information to clients was highlighted and key takeaway for attendees.

A copy of the presentation can be found here.

If you would like any further information on any of the areas covered in the presentation, please add your comment to this article and presenting Partner Grant Mifsud will respond.