November 9, 2023

Ready or not, storm season is upon us, and it is imperative that residents prepare their properties for unexpected winds, hail, and flash flooding. Unit owners face unique considerations when it comes to storm preparedness and insurance claims, so understanding their body’s corporate responsibilities will help stop potential damages and unnecessary repair costs to their property and common areas.

Every year costs are escalating significantly to repair homes that have been damaged in severe storms but thankfully there are a range of precautions residents can take to eliminate potential hazards and ensure a safer environment for all.

To help minimise the impacts of severe weather damage, we have put together a list of steps to be prepared well in advance and after the weather event has passed.

Severe Weather Checklist:

  • Register for weather warnings and emergency alerts
  • If you have large trees get them checked by a qualified arborist and trim branches clear of the property (make sure you check out the Smart Strata industry suppliers)
  • Know which loose items like outdoor furniture will have to be put away or secured if a storm approaches
  • Clear your gutters, downpipes and storm water drains
  • Conduct a maintenance check by hiring a qualified tradesperson to evaluate your properties storm risk including roofing security and draining effectiveness
  • Understand your property’s risk of flooding
  • Check your insurance (building and contents, and vehicles) are current and provide adequate coverage
  • Have an emergency contact phone list – include 000 (triple zero) and SES (13 25 00)
  • Download the SES app to your phone
  • Prepare an emergency kit
  • Make sure you think of your pets in preparing for any emergency: include pet food in your emergency kit and make sure your dog is registered and micro chipped. (information on registering your pet can be found on your Local Council’s website).
  • After the storm stay away from fallen power lines – report them to Energex on 13 19 62 or Ergon on 13 16 70.

Should you end up being in the firing line of one of these unruly natural events ensure you touch base with your insurance manager/broker promptly so they can work with you to begin the process of claim lodgment to get your home repaired quickly.

Specialist insurance managers are there to assist you in times of need and are specifically trained to efficiently process your claims. The insurance manager is in place to ensure that all parties involved are kept informed every step of the way helping you to get your property reinstated to its prior condition

This article was contributed by Syna Hickmott, Insurance Account Executive – Marsh Advantage Insurance

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