Smart Building Technology and Monitoring Devices

January 24, 2020

Over the past 5 years, there has been a significant change in technology with “smarter” devices now being installed into apartment blocks. More equipment is using sensors, connecting to the internet and providing real-time monitoring information back to strata committees to help them better manage their buildings. In this point of view, 10 of these “smart building” technologies are examined.

Strata energy consultancy, Wattblock, released an “Internet of Things in Strata” Point of View on 21st January 2020 to assist the nation’s strata schemes increase their uptake of smart devices.

It provides commentary on 10 different IOT devices which have already been installed in residential apartment buildings across Australia.

​In this point of view, we examine the following 10 smart devices:

  • Electricity Monitoring Devices
  • Water Monitoring Devices
  • Smart Irrigation Systems
  • CO Sensors for carpark fans
  • Solar Monitoring Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Cloud-billing
  • Emergency Lighting systems with online compliance reporting
  • Carpark entry lighting system with wireless network
  • Smart thermostats
  • Blockchain energy trading for solar and batteries

The Point of View can be read here.


This article was contributed by Brent Clark, CEO – Wattblock

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