December 7, 2023

Strata owners along the Queensland coast are urged to check property and make action plans to ensure safety and prevent additional damages. Now is the time to Plan, Pack and Listen.

  1. Check your disaster management plan
  2. Check your insurance excess and coverage
  3. Carry out a pre-cyclone building inspection to ensure the scheme is safe and free of debris
  4. Secure any loose items in common areas and balconies/patios

In Queensland, communities within 50 kilometers of the coastline heading north from Bundaberg are most susceptible to cyclones, however accompanying wind and rain from weakening cyclones can affect communities throughout all parts of Queensland. The Queensland Government has a range of information and advice for preparing for disasters, including how to prepare your emergency plan and prepare your home.

A dangerous cyclone can bring strong winds, heavy rain, and even extensive property damage. The ‘eye’ of a cyclone may come with light winds and clear skies – but beware, the other side of the storm may bring much more destruction so do not leave your property until the threat has passed. Whenever severe weather is forecasted, stay inside and be aware of the potential danger.

We’re in the middle of cyclone season now – it’s time to make sure you and your family are prepared. Here are practical tips and safety procedures to know what to do before, during, and after the event of a cyclone.

Storm Checklist Qld


Article Contributed by Syna Hickmott, Insurance Manager – Marsh Advantage Insurance 

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