Community Education Seminars – Coast Events Recap & NQ Next Week!

May 20, 2022

Both the Gold and Sunshine Coast audiences agree that the number one factor that leads to harmony within a strata community (and we would tend to think in any community) is the ability to communicate and “play the ball, not the man” as was quoted at the Sunshine Coast event.

Over 220 people registered to attend our Strata Community Education Seminars on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, with North Queensland taking to stage next week.

We have been incredibly pleased with the positive feedback audience members have provided so far and the interaction and engagement at the events is exactly what we were hoping for.

On the Sunshine Coast, Trevor Rawnsley CEO of the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (ARAMA) had to be replaced late in the afternoon with former ARAMA National President, Eric Van Meurs stepping up to the plate.  As a resident manager at Atlantis Marcoola himself, Eric brought a firsthand perspective to the debate and narrowly took out the debate win with the key message of all three parties within the strata triangle working together and paying particular attention to getting clear and non-emotional communication channels formed.

Both Jason Carlson (Grace Lawyers) and Andrew Suttie (Nicholsons Solicitors) put their best foot forward.  Jason’s perspective that communication is often less about the words and more about body language, style, and non-verbal cues, seemed to hit the spot with the Sunshine Coast audience.  Andrew’s objective was to challenge traditional thinking by throwing a cat amongst the pigeons. Chris Irons almost fell off his chair in response to Andrew’s controversial (albeit tongue-in-cheek) recommendation to decommission the Commissioner’s Office!

Chris Irons (Strata Solve) as Former Commissioner for the Office for Body Corporate and Community Management held the room well, was able to add his many years of expertise, and challenged our debaters where he felt their arguments needed refinement. Importantly, Chris challenged the audience with the concept of whether true strata harmony is achievable. It was clear everyone gave that some serious thought.

On the Gold Coast, debate facilitator Juliette Nairn (OMB Solicitors) lead an incredibly tight race with the result of the debate a draw between Trevor and James Nickless (Chambers Russell Lawyers) with Jason only narrowly missing out on a three-way tie by a point!  Feedback was incredibly positive on the Gold Coast also with many respondents feeling like they walked away with practical ways to create more harmony in their complexes and actionable steps for their implementation – music to our ears!

It is encouraging for all that the general intent amongst attendees is to create harmony in a scheme, to treat each other respectfully, and work in good faith in the best interests of the scheme.  The whole purpose of this seminar series was to explore together how that was possible.

At both locations, we were so grateful to have the support and provide our attendees with the opportunity to mix and mingle with our exhibitor partners.  A special giveaway was provided at each event for a lucky respondent who completed the exhibitor passport.  We are excited to announce the winners were:

  • Sunshine Coast, $100 Maroochydore RSL Voucher – Vicki N from Magnolia Lane
  • Gold Coast, $100 Gift Card – Judy H from Aqua

Congratulations to both winners.  We will contact you to organise the delivery of your prize vouchers.

With two successful seminars under our belt, our attention turns to North Queensland next week as Jason and Trevor welcome Mario Esera (HWL Ebsworth) to the debate for the first time.  Mario will have his work cut out for him with both Jason and Trevor on a roll, but we are confident he is up for the task!  And the big question remains, can Jason Carlson take to the lead and bring home a win?

There is still time to register:

  • Tuesday 24th May 5.30pm registration for a 6pm start – Airlie Beach – Register Here
  • Wednesday 25th May 5.30pm registration for a 6pm start – Townsville – Register Here
  • Thursday 26th May 5.30pm registration for a 6pm start– Cairns – Register Here

And don’t forget Brisbane will be our final event on Wednesday 15th June at a new venue for us, The Greek Club South Brisbane.

We are eager to compare the outcomes from both Coasts with our North Queensland guests and see whether they too agree that communication is the core to a successful strata community.

Thanks to our exhibitor partners in North Queensland:

Airlie Beach:



It is incredibly valuable for our seminar attendees to be able to get their questions answered face to face about their strata matters.

Smart Strata and foundation partners, Archers the Strata Professionals, deliver these seminar series providing advice that you would normally pay thousands of dollars for.

We are working hard to create a knowledgeable and insightful discussion that you will want to be a part of.

The Smart Strata Team

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