Committee Guide to Managing Defects

September 29, 2019

If you are currently experiencing defects in your building, no doubt you will need some answers to the many questions that arise managing building defects which include:

  1. How does the QBCC works?
  2. What are the different defect category types?
  3. What are the body corporate statutory obligations with respect to maintenance and repair of common property?
  4. How does the body corporate obtain the information it needs to assess defects?
  5. How long are the limitation periods?
  6. Should we sue or not sue?

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All of those questions and plenty more are answered in the only guide published by expert body corporate lawyers Hynes Legal.  This is the definitive guide for committees when considering the management of defects.

You can download it here.

This article was contributed by Frank Higginson, Partner – Hynes Legal

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