Check in QLD App Requirements

July 6, 2021

From 1.00am Friday 9 July 2021, registration for a number of businesses to hold a ‘Check in QLD App’ comes into effect so that collection of data to facilitate contract tracing is in place.  This will replace the requirement for COVID19 management plans.

Where our clients have leisure and recreation facilities, such as gyms, health clubs, indoor sports facilities, function centres and indoor pools, or if they offer short-term residential facilities (including ST holiday rentals), they will need to register for a QR code for each specific area.  Once registered there is a mandatory requirement for the body corporate to collect and store patron information electronically.  This link provides more information on what businesses must register for the ‘Check in Qld app’.  Note it is mandatory from 9 July 2021 and penalties of 10 penalty units ($1,378.50 or 6 months in prison) apply for noncompliance.

To register simply click on the I’m a business owner with the ‘Check in QLD App’ and complete the form.  There are several useful resources at this link and our impacted clients should be contacted and encouraged to commence their registration today. Once obtained, a QR notice must be displayed at the relevant areas and at reception where holiday letting is provided by the body corporate.

Whilst we could perform the registration on our clients behalf, they must provide the relevant contact name, phone and email for the venue directly for contact tracing to be effective pursuant to Restrictions on Business, Activities and Undertakings Direction (no.21) [Direction 21] as at 29 June 2021.  For example, each individual area must have the registration i.e. Body Corporate BBQ area and under direction 21 there are obligations for collection of this data electronically by the registering body – being the body corporate. Further, in the event the electronic recording is unable to occur (due to technical issues), there is a 24 hour requirement to fix the technical problem to facilitate the electronic record, which we would find difficult remotely.

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