Best Practice Guide for Roadmap Stage 2

June 5, 2020

Strata Community Association (Qld) has developed a new best practice guide for bodies corporate to manage the new requirements in Stage 2 of the progressive relaxation of COVID-19 Restrictions in Queensland.

Read on for a copy of the guide covering information on how to hold meetings and the requirements for common areas.

SCA (Qld) is concerned about the requirements for body corporate gyms to be captured under the current requirements to provide supervision for social distancing enforcement and cleaning purposes. As this is not normally required, we have inquired with the Chief Health Officer to clarify the circumstances for strata community titles. We will relay this information as soon as it comes to hand. In the meantime, the supervision requirement must be adhered to.


This information was first published by Strata Community Association QLD on 3 June 2020

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