BCCM Legislative Reform Update

November 20, 2018

Extension of the Body Corporate and Community Management Regulations until August 2019 has been announced on the basis that it is currently under review. Full details of the extension can be read in the report to the Legislative Assembly by Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath available here.

The legislative review is being conducted by the Commercial and Property Law Research Centre of the Queensland University of Technology with the final 64 procedural recommendations received last year and reported in a prior article here.

Strata Community Association QLD (SCAQ) has had ongoing consultation directly with the QLD government and has been informed that the reforms will come in over the next year before the August deadline.

We at Archers continue to advocate for legislative reform and community education via our contribution to SCAQ and are proud to be longstanding members represented by the following Partners:
Colin Archer – Life Member, former Board Member and Founding President of SCA National
Melissa Butwilowsky – Current Board Member and Education Committee Chairperson
Andrew Staehr – Fellow Member
Grant Mifsud – Fellow Member and Ethics Committee Member

We also take this opportunity to congratulate Grant Mifsud who was appointed as a Fellow Member by his peers at the October SCAQ AGM. Grant has been a longstanding contributor to many industry articles and training presentations and is a foundation member of the SCAQ Ethics Committee.
We will provide you with further updates as the reform process develops ensuring stakeholders are informed well in advance of changes that will affect your strata interests.
For further details on legislative reform or general strata industry education, feel free to contact your local Archers Strata Professionals office and we will happily assist.

This article was contributed by Melissa Butwilowsky – Partner, Archers the Strata Professionals.