Development Consulting

A personal approach to every project

Archers provides a body corporate consultation service for property developers that spans the entire project: planning and design, sales and development, and the establishment of the body corporate.

On every development project we take a personal approach to consultation that ensures:

  • All issues can openly be discussed and addressed
  • Realistic budgets formulated to the benefit of both developer and property buyers
  • Maximum value is gained from our consultants’ broad experience with a wide range of developments.

We also focus attention on the end-user experience. For example, how might a particular decision at design stage effect management of the finished building? We aim to help the developer make decisions that have positive future impacts.

Ultimately, our goal is to add value to your project by creating a framework to build a successful and harmonious place to live, work in or visit.

Design & Planning Phase:


Our team is involved with the developer from the very early stages of the project. In this phase, our focus is on ensuring all operational efficiencies are maximised. Our services at this phase include:

  • Advising on the design of the Body Corporate – including titling and management structures
  • Attending project coordination meetings to ensure that the whole development team is informed about the body corporate structure
  • Preparation of supporting reports on the future structuring and operation of the development
  • Providing unique options for future management arrangements
  • Advising on what good community management involves
  • Reviewing and advising on the provision of utilities and utility invoicing

Sales & Development Phase:


With our roots as Chartered Accountants, our assistance in the sales and development phase is priceless. Throughout this phase we offer:

  • Calculation of realistic administrative budgets and levies
  • Preparation of a 15 year sinking fund forecast
  • Calculation of Lot Entitlements, including providing a clear explanation of what it means
  • Reviewing and providing operational advice on Community Management Statements (including by-laws), Building Management Statements, Caretaking and letting Agreements and utility management agreements
  • Preparation of Body Corporate Managers Agreement
  • Liaising with the sales team to help with providing advice to prospective buyers
  • Preparation of indicative Tax Depreciation Schedules for prospective investors

Body Corporate Establishment Phase:


We take a proactive approach to establishing new Bodies Corporate. We ensure a smooth changeover from the developer to the first owner’ committee by:

  • Convening the first general meeting within the legislated timeframes
  • Identifying and advising on developer obligations when handing over a Body Corporate
  • Providing a clear channel of communication between owners and the developer
  • Preparing books and records
  • Procuring insurance including an Insurance Replacement Valuation
  • Procuring legislated fire evacuation plans and training and workplace health and safety audits

For further information on our extensive development consulting services, please contact Andrew Staehr.